The Benefits Of Slow Running

Many people believe that running at a high speed is much effective as this will help them to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. I also know some people who aim to run at higher speed each time.

But you might be surprised to know that when you ask for advice from the experts and personal trainers, they always suggest you include slow running, especially when you have just recently started running.

The reason for why running at slow speed is so loved by many trainers is because it is very beneficial for your health as well as your performance in running. Let’s read on to gain a more in-depth knowledge about this type of running and when you should add it in your running.

First, here is the list of the benefits of slow running:

slow running

  • Slow running helps us to run faster. That might sound a little bit odd but in fact, when you run slowly for a long time; you will be able to build enough endurance and stamina, which supports you to run at higher speed later on.
  • Slow running helps you to build the correct postures and techniques. It is worth remembering that in order to run fast without feeling tired or painful and encountering no injuries, you need to have the right techniques and skills, which you can only learn by slow running.
  • Slow running will enhance your body’s system of blood supply. This will help to deliver blood and oxygen throughout your body quicker and more efficiently.
  • In addition, slow running will help use to build a better body and joints, helping us to run faster in the future.

Here are some of the most important phases of your running session when slow running is very important to your performance:

  1. When You Have Just Started To Run

If you have never been do running as a form of exercise and just started some few sessions of running recently, you should go for slow running. When you start, you might feel really tired at first and want to stop as soon as you can so you often run really quick to reach your target.

However, at this point, you need to go for everything slowly at first. This is the most ideal time for you to build your base skills as well as fixing wrong postures and forming right techniques. Having those valuable skills will help you to build a strong foundation for you to develop later.

In addition, it will reduce your risk of getting injuries significantly. Your body will not be able to adapt to something that it has not tried before and you should give it time to do so. When you go slow running at first, your body will not feel so much tired and you will be able to go running the next days.

slow running When You Have Just Started To Run

  1. Once Or Twice Per Week

Although you have passed the beginning phase, you should always spend one or two days per week to slow run. This will support and help your body to relax after some intensive running days and prepare your body better later on.

Also in my opinion, when you go slowly running one or 2 days per week, you will be able to add more variety to your running sessions and keep yourself interested for a long time to come.

  1. After A Competition

When you attend a competition, you must put all of your energy into it. The result is that you will feel really tired for the next few days, or even weeks. In case you continue to run, you need to go slow running in order to give your body some times to recover.

Your heart will beat faster than normal, increasing the speed of the blood flow to your body. With slow running, the flow will not be too quick so it would not cause any pain to your body later on. Moreover, all of your joints will have time and enough movements to recover.

  1. After You Recover From An Injury

The main reason for why you need to run slowly after having an injury is that it gives you a good chance to recover. It also helps to keep your body active and then heal in a shorter amount of time.

When you run at a higher speed, you will be more focused on your running, which can make you feel really stressed. In term of slow running, you will be able to enjoy your surroundings, making you feel more relaxed.

With an active body and relaxed mind, you would be able to get over an injury really soon.

Sometimes I don’t like running at a slow speed at all and want to test my strength at the limit by running as fast as I can. But I also remember to do slow running sometimes since the benefits that it can bring to my health as well as my running performance are enormous. This type of running is suitable when you first start running, 1 or 2 days a week and after you come back from a competition or an injury.

Therefore, even though if you don’t like slow running just like me, it is still worth it to include some slow running in your practice session, you will be amazed by how much it can enhance and support your performance.