Tips On Buying Your First Set Of Golf Clubs

3 golf clubs and ball

Golf is one of the most popular sports in America that attracts thousands of people joining in every day. You can know how famous this sport is by looking at the market for golf equipment with a wide range of equipment from different brands and sizes for you to choose from. You can get more information about these pieces equipment here. Whether you are a professional or unprofessional golfer, the best golf clubs 2017 are an essential stuff you should have, if you want to participate in this sport better and better because now there are some changes.

As I mention above, like  golf product you can find in the market, there are thousands of golf clubs with different brands, materials and prices for you to choose from. Since there are different types of shots that you can have in swing the ball from the start to the very end; it comes with the need for different types of clubs. There are about at least 20 choices of different clubs with their own characteristics and strengths which will surely make you feel overwhelmed.

So how many golf clubs that you would need at the moment? Do you need to bring a set of 20 golf clubs to your first tee?

  • For a professional player, it is very important to pick golf clubsup the right club for the right shot. However, in the beginning level, you don’t need to have a lot of clubs as they will confuse you and you will not know what you need the most until your skills are improved later on.
  • Therefore, I suggest you bring only 4 to 5 clubs at first to your golf course. These are the most essential ones that would be able to assist you for the first stage of playing. Not to mention that buying only the crucial golf clubs helps you to save a lot of money before you invest a fortune into buying what you really need in the future.

Here is the list of the most basic golf clubs that you would need:

  • The putter: This clubs is used to roll the golf ball all over the green before it reaches the final destination. In order to choose the best putter, try all of the ones that you can. The best putter will provide you a sense of confidence and give you a lot of comfort when you swing with the club. Check if the grab is right for you or not or whether it is heavy to lift the club. Weight is a very important factor when you choose a putter as you are going to use it more than any kind of clubs.
  • Driver: Different from the putter, a driver club will help you to hit the ball to go for a long distance. The best type of driver for a beginner is the one with a large head. This would allow you extra room for error. In addition, the head with a 10 degree loft would help to make the ball go for a longer distance without putting a lot of power.

And just like when you pick up the putter, make sure that you feel comfortable when you swing with the driver.

  • The wedge: this club is very important to get your ball off the sand trap. When I started playing golf, it is unavoidable that I made a lot of mistakes and my ball often found it way onto the sand trap. So it is safe to say that I use the wedge as much as the putter. I suggest you go for pitching wedge as it is the most suitable type of wedge for beginner with big head and easy control.
  • Iron: The last one on the list is an iron. There are many types of irons for you to choose from and you can choose the one which states that it is game improvement. This type of iron can help you to increase your performance and have better control over the swing. Make sure you try your iron before making your final purchase to see if you feel comfortable with it or not.

Other tips to help you choose better set of golf clubs:

Golf-Clubs 2

  • Before you decide to buy your first clubs, make sure you create a list of what you need and bring it to the store. It would avoid you from buying extra clubs that you would not need at the moment.
  • You can ask other golfers to let you borrow their sets of clubs and try them first to see if the brands and models of these clubs fit your preference.
  • You also need to set budget for your clubs as well. If you can, you can invest in high quality and expensive clubs. However, you can also opt for middle priced clubs and upgrade them to higher quality ones later on when you improve your skills and know more about what you will need in a club.

Playing golf can bring a lot of benefits to you. It helps to keep fit, stay healthy while allowing you to have a good chance to relax and enjoy yourself. In order to have the best experience in golf, you should invest time and money into picking the right choice of golf clubs. The right ones are also be able to help you enhance your performance and get the best scores.

I hope with all of the information I provide here, you would be able to pick up the ones that are truly match your preferences and your needs.

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