Workout Routines At Home


Do you know that you can still work out even that you’re not in the gym? In this article, we’ll be giving you a workout routine that’s suitable for both men and women of all ages using free weights.

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Before getting into the actual workout routine, here are some tips for you to get started.

Before you start

If you’re all new to this and have never lifted weights before, look for advice from a professional trainer. Or, you can attend an instruction at a gym to receive consultancy.

Olympic weightliftingBeing able to focus is very important, as you train each part of your body, think of it separately.

  • Work on the largest muscle groups of your body first, including your upper legs and hips. After that, move to work on your lower back, abdominals, arms, upper torso, and lower legs.
  • Work on your back muscles and abdominals at the end of your workout session as they are stabilizing muscles to maintain correct form. Exercise them last so they won’t get fatigued too early.
  • Focus on maintaining good form. To check if your body is correctly aligned, look into a mirror as you train.
  • Control your movement as you lift. Lift the weight in 2 seconds, pause for 1 second, then lower the weight in 4 seconds.
  • Breathe continuously as you lift. It’s best to inhale at the start of the movement and breathe out at the end of it.
  • Your strength training session shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour.
  • On consecutive days, work on different muscle groups instead of only focusing on one muscle groups.
  • When you first start weight lifting at home, start basic with something inexpensive and simple. However, make sure they’re comfortable to use. To be able to work on every body part of yours, invest in a light dumbbell set and a basic weight bench.

The actual workout routine

It’s going to take only 25 minutes every day using this equipment to get you a good fit and good health.

Do 3 sets with the lightest weight and repeat them 10 to 12 times each. Increase the weight gradually if you can manage. However, the first couple of weeks are for you to get used to lifting weights so you shouldn’t increase the weight by then.

Warm up

You can warm up by working on a rowing machine, jogging or stair machine or an exercise bike. Make sure the machine you use is of good quality. The rowing machine helps you work more muscles and burn more calories than the rest.


When working your chest, legs are on the ground and your back is on the bench. Hold the dumbbells by two hands stretching out to the side, slightly bent, palm facing the ceiling. Bring the dumbbells up directly above your chest and bring them down.

 Muscle Growth


Use one hand to lean on the weight bench. Your back forms a 45 degree angle with the bench. Use the other hand to pick up the weight, bring it up to your chest as if you’re rowing with your elbow high.


Hold the dumbbells with each hand, fully extended and palm facing forwards. Lift up the weight towards your shoulders, elbows on the sides.


With each hand holding the weights, palm facing forwards or outwards, bring the weights to your shoulder’s height. Extend your hands and push the weights in an upward motion at the same time. Bring them down to your shoulders in one movement.


Raise the weights held in both hands upwards, thumbs racing the rear. Lower the weights towards the shoulders by bending your arms.

You can also do another exercise: Turn your back to the bench. On the edge of the long side of the weight bench, put your hands on it to raise and lower your body gently. Also remember to use your legs to support your body weight.


Start with your legs over the bench while your back is on the floor. With hands holding both sides of your head, lift up the top of your body from the ground and towards the weight bench.


Hold the dumbbells in each hand while standing. Rise up and back down again on your toes gently.


Legs shoulder width apart while standing. Hold the dumbbells and bend your knees till your calves and thighs form a 45 degree angle and up again. Keep your back straight throughout the whole process.

Other workout routines

Exercises involving a fit ball and yoga are also an excellent type of workout. They’re very good for core strength, which is very important to prevent injuries. These exercises are low impact yet strong workouts.

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